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*At-Home Workout 28-Day Challenge For Women Is A 190 Page FULL-COLOR 3-Month Workout Journal Designed To Help Plan And Track Your Workouts To Achieve Your Fitness & Health Goals.

Including Personalized Features Like -

Workout Planning & Scheduling Pages - Challenging Cardio & Strength Workout Program Pages - Goals, Progress & Results Logging Pages - & So Much More...This Journal Is Going To Help Set You Up For Success!

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To Help Women Live The
"Healthy Lifestyle 
Of Their Dreams"!





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m_FRONT-AT-HOME WORKOUT 28-DAY CHALLENGE FOR WOMEN (8.625 × 11.25 in)-resize2.jpg


190 Page Full-Color

Including: 60 Core, Upper, Lower & Bodyweight Exercises...

FRONT-AT-HOME HEALTHY EATS 28-DAY CHALLENGE FOR WOMEN (8.625 × 11.25 in)-VOL 1-071722-page


190 Page Full-Color

Including: 3 Month Meal Planning, Shopping & Food Logs...

Coming Soon
FRONT-AT-HOME WORKOUT 28-DAY CHALLENGE FOR WOMEN (8.625 × 11.25 in)-VOL 2-061922-page-001.


Workout Journal

Including: 12 At-Home Challenging

Cardio & Strength Workouts...

Coming Soon

6 Body + Weight Logs

to track starting & ending body measurements including

SMART weight goals

36 Workout + Goal Logs

for tracking daily workouts

(ie) sets/reps/weight & weekly

body measurement goals progress 

12 Challenge Workouts

designed to be challenging, can

be FULLY modified based

on current fitness level

36 Workout Result Logs

to document how you feel after the workout (ie) the difficulty level, your output level, the intensity level...

15 Sleep + Energy Logs

to keep track of daily rest as well

as daily calories in/out vs

exercise / activity

60 At-Home Exercises

10 bodyweight, 10 non-weight,

10 abs-core, 10 stretching

10 upper, 10 lower


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"I am so excited to share my experience with taking the 28-day challenge!

The 12 workouts are very challenging, but fun! I love the workout journal and that

I can write down my goals, progress and results.


Due to my commitment to the four-week program, my stamina has improved while increasing muscle tone & decreasing body fat. I am now more balanced, muscular, happier & healthier!


I have completed two 28-day challenges, and on my third!"

SARACH C., Palm Beach, FL

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"I love the At-Home Workout 28-Day Challenge For Women!

It's easy to follow, and I can workout when it's best for me (usually when my two year old, Jack, is napping :)  plus I can keep track of my workout results and progress.


I have achieved ALL of my goals: I am toned, I am strong, I am far less tense & my energy level has increased dramatically since starting the 28-day challenge!

I highly recommend this workout journal...it is FANTASTIC!"

MICHELLE M., Los Angeles, CA

want to get the lean, toned & fit body

of your dreams?!